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          • Esaote Clinical Solutions

            Therapy & Interventional

            Interventional settings require dedicated features and solutions that allow the accurate treatment of any type of patient.
            Esaote is committed to providing the shortest and most effective path to patient care.

          Imaging-Guided Procedures

          Virtual Navigator uses all the advantages of different modalities to provide a real-time, low-cost, radiation-free solution to help guide operators with their diagnosis - within everyday clinical practice, interventional procedures, research and teaching.

          Virtual Navigator increases diagnostic confidence by enabling users to:

          • VISUALIZE different datasets with real-time multimodality fusion imaging for diagnosis
          • PLAN the best scanning and targeting approach
          • GUIDE the operator during interventional procedures

          Real-time Ultrasound Fusion imaging between Ultrasound and a wide range of second imaging modalities (MRI, CT, PET, 3D Imaging, Doppler and Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound) is available for many clinical applications:

          • Abdominal: Liver, Kidney and Pancreas
          • Urology: Bladder and Prostate
          • Neurology: Brain
          • Neurosurgery: Brain burr hole interventions
          • Vascular
          • Musculoskeletal
          • Breast and Axilla

          Abdominal: Liver, Kidney and Pancreas

          Treatment planning and guidance with real-time Ultrasound and CT

          Abdominal: Liver, Kidney and Pancreas

          Multimodality real-time fusion imaging between Ultrasound, CT and PET

          Urology: Bladder and Prostate

          Real-time fusion with MRI for improved visibility of lesions

          Neurology: Brain

          Real-time fusion Ultrasound Color Doppler with MRI

          Neurosurgery: Brain burr hole interventions

          Premium level ultrasound system with neuro navigation real-time capabilities: enabling Color Doppler, Power Doppler analysis for lesion localization and intervention area Real-time visualization and monitoring.
          Surgeon support during operation, giving real time feedback on brain shift and tumor resection status


          Stent leakage assessment with CnTI? Ultrasound
          and basal CT



          Hand: High sensitivity Color Doppler real-time fusion with MRI (left) and ElaXto Elastosonography Real-time fusion with MRI (right) - bone erosions (development and response to therapy) may be accurately tracked with US where the spatial orientation is supplied by the MRI scan



          Sacroiliac joint: real-time Ultrasound–CT fusion identifies the best path (free from calcifications) to perform the sacroiliac joint puncture

          Breast and Axilla

          ElaXto Elastosonography real-time fusion with 3D Ultrasound (left) and Virtual Biopsy for real-time guidance of breast core biopsy. Free-hand electromagnetically tracked breast volume reconstruction also covering the axilla area

          User defined Protocol: Biopsy, Microwaves, Radiofrequency, Laser and Cryotherapy

          A dedicated environment has been developed to assist users during Cryotherapy, Radiofrequency, Microwaves and Laser Ablations.

          Virtual Navigator is dedicated to interventional and ablation procedures:

          • Manual delineation of lesion margins
          • Computed calculation of lesion volume
          • Definition of expected necrotic ellipse
          • Needle tracking capability for several brands of needle

          Virtual Navigator & fusion imaging - Clinical Cases


          View Video on YouTube Esaote Channel


          Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.

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