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        • Interventional Ultrasound Systems

          Esaote’s dedicated R&D meets the increasing demands of modern healthcare with outstanding image quality, unique ergonomics, workflow and design and complete solutions for the most demanding clinical and interventional activities.

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        Interventional and Mini-Invasive Systems applications



        Esaote plays a fundamental role in the management of thyroid neoplasm and in particular in the management of recurring neck problems after thyroidectomy...

        Ultrasound Systems for Endocrinology



        Intraoperative ultrasound is essential for planning the type of resection and for guiding surgeon’s hands in real time during liver parenchyma dissection...

        Ultrasound Systems for Surgery



        Early management of disease leads to better patient care and reduces socio-economic impacts. This is why Esaote has been investing in preventive healthcare...

        Ultrasound Systems for Urology

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