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        1. FECAVA 2016

          FECAVA 2016

          22/06/2016 - 25/06/2016
          Wien (Austria)


          JUNE-JULY 2016
          Discover the new MyLab<sup>?</sup>Delta
          MyLab<sup>?</sup>Delta launched at FECAVA 2016
          Esaote, the Worldwide Leader in Veterinary Imaging, launched the new MyLab?Delta mobile ultrasound system at FECAVA 2016, 22^ European Congress of FECAVA Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations. MyLab?Delta represents the best solution for any application, from small to large dogs, cats, and exotic animals to equine and farm animals.
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          Discover the new MyLab<sup>?</sup>Delta VET

          Discover Esaote VET MRI Systems

          MR Grande VET

          G-scan VET

          O-scan Equine

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          Discover Esaote VET Ultrasound Systems

          Tringa Linear VET

          MyLab<sup>?</sup>One VET




          MyLab<sup>?</sup>Twice VET

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          Discover the ESAOTE FOCUS ON VETERINARY
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