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      1. Experience What's New at Esaote

        Events Archive

        ECR 2019

        ARAB HEALTH 2019

        BMUS 2018

        RSNA 2018

        MEDICA 2018

        SIRM 2018

        MyLab?X family Launch

        JPR 2017

        JPR 2016

        XXXII Congresso Brasileiro de Reumatologia

        CBC 2015

        SOCESP 2015

        JPR 2015

        DIC 2015

        IMAGINE 2015


        XXXI SBR 2014 Congresso Brasileiro de Reumatologia

        CICB – Centro Internacional de Conven??es do Brasil SCES

        Congresso Brasileiro de Ultrassonografia da SBUS

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